Case Study 02


Recently, we were approached by a client who was a renowned provider of real estate information in California. The firm is into updating the database and offering a customized and in-depth research information on all the open property cases. They also deal with real estate data, mortgage commercial transactions, foreclosure records, and bankruptcy records.

The website of the client offers accurate and easily accessible information to people who look forward to any kind of real estate transaction. The client was looking for a vendor who would take the effort of extracting the relevant information from their official website and then, match and verifying carefully. It includes the mortgage application data entry, foreclosure data entry and much more. They faced a challenge in extracting, checking, and verifying the data before its entry into their website, as even a small mistake can create a huge human error.


Our Role included: Segmenting and analyzing the data, carrying out the online data research and extraction, online data entry of mortgage and foreclosure records. The data collected by us included the name of the property’s owner, address of the concerned property, document number, loan amount, financial details of the property, legal description, and expiry date of the loan.

We offered the solution in various ways including re-conveyance, document retrieval service, foreclosure collateral management, document imaging, title searches, document recording, and loan transfer. We delivered an in-depth data management and accurate data entry service within the stipulated time.

“A great work, with 100% accuracy” – Client

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