Knowledge Base

Knowledge base is where our specialists given their expert opinions and views on different topics related to data entry, data conversion and data processing. Our research and development team are constantly involved in the development and new and improved technology which can help in providing better services to our clients.

We discuss a variety of topics under the BPO domain here .You can utilize the case studies we will be publishing to analyze it against your requirements. This can guide you to get the best solution for tor requirement.


We give our expert opinion on how you can deal with data entry projects which involves entry of data from handwritten materials. There might be situations where you have a lot of complex handwritten data which needs to be converted to a digitized format. Our experts who have several years of experience in handling such data can throw some light on how such situations can be managed properly. Another area that requires knowledge and proficiency is while dealing with projects which require data to be entered in multiple languages. For such projects too, our experts can give you an overall idea on how to manage such projects efficiently.

OCR technology is relatively new and dealing with work related to this needs the involvement of skilled and experienced hands. We use this segment as a platform to share the knowledge we have gained through our several years of working on such projects. Gaining quality results using OCR technology is an art achieved by working on several projects of such nature.

Besides the above , the other main topics tackled in this section are

  • Handling large indexing projects
  • Main things to be remembered while doing XML conversion jobs
  • Round the clock power supply with backup UPS and Generators.
  • Technical aspects of the various data entry verification and validation tools
  • The value of the various third-party tools used during data entry jobs

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