Data Mining Services

Data Entry India BPO is one of the leading web data mining service providers based in Kochi, one of the major IT hubs in India. Data mining is a sophisticated process of extracting valuable information hidden in a huge database. Our data mining experts allow organizations to develop effective marketing strategies through efficient data mining process. At Data Entry India BPO, we use latest technologies and tools to analyze your data from different perspectives to mine exact information. Our data mining services provide a good understanding of relationship between “internal” factors such as price, employee morale, or product positioning and “external” factors such as competition, customer demographics or technological changes.


We have a proven track record of providing bespoke data mining solutions to our clients across the globe. We help our clients to develop an insight into the growth of your business by using our data mining services. Our vast clientele include the organizations such as financial, travel, hospitality, retail, share market, telecommunications and other government organizations. Our unrivaled data mining services provide your organization with:

Data Entry India BPO covers a variety of catalog conversion services such as:-

  • Improved marketing strategies
  • Improved reach of your business
  • Increased revenue
  • Discovery of new market place

At Data Entry India BPO, we have a team of dedicated professionals to provide customized data mining services to our valuable clients. Our professionals work closely with our clients to understand their specific requirements and to deliver them with useful information. Some of our data mining process includes cart data mining, business data mining, customer data mining and CSV data file mining. As per the requirements of our clients, professionals at Data Entry India BPO search for data from a range of related websites, directories and search engines and extract useful information from them. Our cutting-edge technologies facilitate to gather information from millions of sources at very short span of time.

Our Data Mining process includes the following steps:

  • Collect large volume of data from different websites based on the requirements of our clients.
  • Search for patterns and key trends by using latest data mining tools and techniques.
  • Provide desired information in a format required by customers.
  • Create contact lists of clients with information like name, profession, company, address, telephone, email etc.
  • Gather product details from other websites and provide our clients with detailed report on how to improve their business after analyzing the gathered information.

When you outsource data mining services to Data Entry India BPO, your required output data will be delivered with exceptional accuracy and quality on time at competitive price irrespective of its size and volume. For further details on how data mining can boost your business, mail your queries and requirements to

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