Outsource Data Cleansing Services

Data Cleansing / Data Scrubbing is the process of removal of inappropriate set up data or that which is of lesser importance in order to expound logical and relevant data for decision making purposes. This can enhance management and administration activities of an organization. We assist in solving a particular issue by continual update and maintenance of data to sustain accuracy and for saving on unnecessary expenses.


Data scrubbing deals with the standardization and final verification of data by means of data correction. It involves improving accuracy, replacing missing content, updating database so as to maximize integrity, accuracy, uniformity and consistency by maintaining uniqueness. We can provide you with data cleansing services to remove or replace information, carry out reduplication and merge several data documents.

Organizing and update of data by means of cleansing is an ongoing process as errors occur here and there. To eradicate anomalies in data, it is essential to constantly cleanse or scrub data. As competition rises, data of a particular organization needs to be updated constantly to gain that extra competitive edge over others in the industry.

Data Scrubbing services offered from DataEntryIndiaBPO can be used for:-

  • Validating data against guidelines
  • Providing Data consistency
  • Detecting and elimination of data facsimile
  • Archival of data by replacing extraneous data
  • Removal of outdated data
  • Validation of data fields
  • Mailing List Cleanup
  • Removing typo's and rectifying grammatical mistakes and spelling
  • Database update and enhancement
  • Merging multiple files
  • Tagging similar records by way of review

Raw data is not formatted which can lead to large amounts of useless data. To bring this data to be more point specific, data scrubbing processes analyze information to be systematically formatted and remove corrupt data from a record set or database. Data enrichment can ensure that you possess within your database product catalog files, product information files or any sort of files to be accurate, absolute and up to date. This aptly-formatted, error free information is obtained by use of customized data scrubbing tools employing different pre set rules, parsing, algorithms and look-up tables. To avoid and remove erroneous data, data is analyzed and examined by means of standard deviation, range, or clustering algorithms. This can be for adding zip codes to an address database or filling in state codes for different phone numbers. It can also be done for conversion of units of measurement to a common unit such as between kilograms and grams, feet and inches etc.

Data cleaning / Data scrubbing / Data enrichment services covered are:-

Gathering information

Scrutinizing of data using preset methodologies with the help of algorithms and tabular forms. Licensed Data scrubbing applications are utilized to detect multiple entries or to tweak case specific mistakes such as adding code or prefixing '0' for using telecommunication services outside a specific border limit.


There is always a probability for error. Our services are here to correct grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes, incorrect abbreviations mainly found in personal contact details such as address change, varying LAN or cell phone numbers, DOB's, postal pin codes, etc so that your information is related to customers correctly and on time. This will help you to improve customer relation, loyalty and satisfaction. Customers feel valued when their names are remembered by way of addressing them in the right gender most noticeable in top class hotels.

Elimination of duplicates in data source:

Databases get massive over time. So there is a rising need to check for cases of repeated characters in source data regardless of its previous update. This leads to cases as in which a customer is contacted for service information or feedback more than once which creates botheration between concerned parties. This can cause a negative effect. To avoid such situations, repetition of source data must be double checked.

Periodic Audits:

Audits are performed on data to validate and check if information is within the right format, for eg: - textual information must be filled out in the dedicated area, not where numbers or symbols are filled in. This can highly deteriorate workflow. Various statistical tools are utilized to detect irregularities that occur at input stage.

Amalgamation of Mailing lists:

This is the process of combining multiple mailing lists into a single mailing list in order to reduce complication from duplication and existence of bulky data.

Cleansing of mailing lists:

This is to avoid customers that have requested for privacy or exhibited a lack of interest. Cases like this occur mostly when customers unsubscribe. This is used also when a certain customer has relocated or passed away.


Manual entry of data is essential in the post processing stage since automated inputting can lead to several errors. Organizations availing our services over the years hail from very distinctive fields like Insurance, telecommunications, or transportation.

Benefits of Data Cleansing:-

  • Accurate data saves time and costs and is much more reliable.
  • Data Validation provides for an enhanced accuracy as far as mailing lists go in the field of marketing.
  • Boosts Organizational Efficiency and returns
  • Focus on your core business by outsourcing data cleansing processes
  • Data Verification will considerably reduce errors as a result giving way for accurate, quality based information to provide for better decision making
  • Utilize extensively skilled man power with a rich experience of completing sizeable projects
  • Regular relay of information to concerned clients by our task force; thereby providing continual support and reporting on progress.

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