Offline Data Entry Services

Offline Data Entry services are one of the most sought after outsourcing services in the BPO industry. At DataEntryIndiaBPO, we have a vast history of expertise in handling different kinds of offline data entry projects. For all our data entry projects, we provide data entry in any format. The source material can be in any format like scanned images, hard copies/soft copies PDF files etc. Apart from these, we also undertake data entry from handwritten or printed material.


Processing of voluminous amounts of data is painstaking and time consuming. We employ a fastidious approach from collection to organization and presentation of data. Our offline data entry services adopt pedantic processes ensuring high levels of accuracy. Our processes are also time conserving and provide a final output that is easy to interpret and understand. Our Data Entry professionals carry out scrupulous data key-in methods to enter data into a database program or word processor of your choice. They adhere to preset quality constraints and complete the tasks in the desired time frame.

Our offline data entry services prove beneficial for all kinds of clients including those from financial and accounting companies, health care facilities, legal firms, advertising and publishing companies, and educational institutions. They are helpful to individual lawyers and physicians as well. Our workforce is well trained and experienced to handle any kind of handwritten data source and are able to provide quality data entry. Our team also performs various triple background quality checks and reviews to ensure that data is error free. This ensures you quality data from which you can extract accurate information for various business processes to follow.

Input sources to different forms of offline data entry are

  • Product Data Entry
  • Financial Data Entry
  • Business Data Entry
  • Sales Data Entry
  • Billing Data Entry
  • PDF Data Entry
  • Offline Data capture
  • Financial Statement's Data Entry
  • Data Entry from Images (tiff, jpg, or any other format)
  • Data Entry into database programs
  • Offline Data Entry from one version/format to another
  • Data Entry of Cards and Documents/a>
  • Index Cards Data Entry
  • Business Cards Data Entry
  • Catalog Data Entry
  • Mailing Lists / Labels Data Entry
  • Data Entry from Legal Documents, Contracts
  • Data Entry of Insurance Claims
  • Ballot Cards Data Entry
  • Data Entry from Reports
  • Offline Data Entry from various e-books
  • Offline Data Entry operations in multiple formats like .doc, .xls and .pdf etc.
  • Data Entry From Manuscripts
  • Offline Data Entry of Form Filling and Form Processing
  • Payroll Data entry
  • Data Entry From Property Records
  • Data Entry From Tax Deeds
  • Checks Data Entry
  • Data Entry of Hospital Records
  • Data Entry of Patient Notes
  • Data Entry of Accident Reports
  • Offline Data Entry of Yellow pages / White pages
  • Data Entry From Directories
  • Birth / Death Records Data Entry
  • Marriage Records Data Entry
  • Restaurant Menu's Data Entry
  • Data Entry From Vouchers
  • Data Entry From Books
  • Data Entry From Magazines
  • Forms data entry
  • URL List collection
  • Data Collection from different sites
  • Data Entry From Survey Forms
  • Data Entry From Customer Feedback Forms
  • Customer Data Entry
  • Data Entry of Purchase Orders
  • Invoice / Bill / Receipt Data Entry
  • Rebate Data Entry
  • MSDS Data Entry

Benefits of teaming with Data Entry India BPO

  • Save more than 60% on your operational costs
  • Data Security and integrity
  • High priority to your time and budgets

Our expertise in the offline data entry services is transformed into high, quality and cost-effective offline data entry projects.

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