Questionnaire Data Entry Services


A Questionnaire is a form containing set group of questions targeted to obtain statistical feedback from respondents. This can be for the purpose of improving a product/service or for a market study of a yet to be released product. A completed questionnaire needs to be classified accurately. This is where data entry providers come in. We help convert dormant knowledge into products and services that cater to specific customer paper records and data into an electronic format.

Survey/questionnaire data entry works involves challenges that put everything from technology to people on a test. People with knowledge and experience are combined with technology, process fragmented frameworks and people management skills to deliver the best work.

Time Zones

  • OCR - Optical Character Reader
  • OMR - Optical Mark Recognition &
  • ICR - Intelligent Character Recognition tools

A typical Questionnaire layout consists of the following:

Yes/no questions
Multiple-choice questions
Likeness rating scales
Semantic differential rating scales
Ecosystem rating scales
Other rating scales

Partner with us and you have access to a dedicated team of trained technical and language professionals leveraging state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure. Once your survey responses are entered into the database, a major portion of data and information becomes available in an electronic format. This can be used more effectively in your decision making process. Our stringent quality control process ensures you of superior services. For quality analysis, an expert team of proofreaders and editors checks the output for grammatical and contextual errors. Finally we deliver can deliver the final output in a variety of formats - MS Word, Excel, Access, PDF format, HTML etc accessible to you on disk, CD, through emails, or an FTP upload.

Questionnaire data entry services can be done for all kinds of application forms which include:
Insurance forms
Insurance claims
Healthcare forms and questionnaires
Loan applications
Credit card application
Leasing documents
Government forms

Benefits ofoutsourcing questionnaire data entry

  • Affordable data entry services
  • Quality services with focus on precision
  • Enhanced focus on your core business activities
  • Knowledgeable staff to carry out questionnaire data typing
  • Cutting edge technological advantage for quality results
  • Round the clock online support

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