Excel Data Entry Services

Microsoft excel is a dynamic structural application that systematically captures and maintains data to be constructively organized. We ascertain and construct data entry forms to ensure best results with minimum effort. Outsourcing Data entry is crucial as key-in tasks are very time consuming; punching key after key whilst you can focus on business development.

Time is precious and it is better to hand over less productive data entry jobs to BPO companies which specialize in this field. This will enable you to spend more time in restructuring your core businesses. Recreating data from various sources like paper documents, images etc can result in loss of time and money if it is taken up by inexperienced personnel. So it is better to outsource such tasks to organizations like ours who have a task force specialized solely for this purpose.

Our Excel Data Entry services include key-in processes; may it be hand-written or printed. In excel Data Entry we copy data from input file formats such as PDF files, web pages and other source types and paste it on to excel files. We can convert digital content, books, journals, magazines, manuscripts, manuals into xml format

Our Excel Data Entry Services

  • Data Entry from books, directories, magazines and journals into Excel
  • High Volume data entry from Excel spreadsheets
  • Name, address, location details into Excel
  • Data entry into Excel from paper questionnaires / Survey Forms
  • Numeric data entry into Excel worksheets
  • Database and mailing compilation
  • Data extraction from web

We at DataEntryIndiaBPO guarantee you

  • Timely deliveries
  • High accuracy
  • Confidentiality of conversion of structured electronic formats like XML or HTML via ftp uploads.
  • Additional services if required from our onsite developers

Please contact us or send your Service requirements at info@dataentryindiabpo.com to avail service of unsurpassed quality at very lucrative prices.