Xml Data Conversion Services


Extensible Markup Language or XML is a language set of rules for coding of document data for representing arbitrary data. It has existed around different platforms after its conception for quite a long time though its widespread use was not exploited until recent years. XML emphasizes on simplicity, flexibility, feasibility, versatility, accessibility and usability for transforming multi format data into XML to be presented on the internet.

Our XML Data Conversion Services

  • Examination of data
  • Setting up for conversion of XML based on information attained and client specifications
  • Text to XML
  • Conversion from MS Word to XML
  • Conversion from Corel Word Perfect to XML
  • Conversion from MS Excel i.e. XLS spreadsheet format to XML
  • Conversion from MS Access to XML
  • Conversion from HTML to XML
  • Conversion from XHTML to XML
  • Conversion from SGML to XML
  • Conversion from PDF to XML
  • Conversion from ADO to XML
  • Conversion from TML to XML
  • Conversion from EDI to XML
  • Conversion from RTF to XML
  • Conversion of In Design to XML
  • Conversion of Interleaf to XML
  • Conversion of Quark files to XML
  • Conversion of Framemaker to XML
  • Conversion of Images (.jpg, .tiff) to XML
  • Microfiche / Microfilm to XML Conversion
  • Manual Data entry or techniques of OCR, OMR and ICR employed
  • XML encoding
  • XML parsing
  • Data Cleansing and proof reading
  • Final XML validation

We can convert and provide support format for a wide variety of formats like Text, Wordprocessing software namely Microsoft Word, Corel Word Perfect, MS Excel, HTML, PDF, RTF, .CSV, DOC to XML, XLS to XML, Delimited to XML. For conversion of these formats, source data is required. We shall cater to all your XML conversion needs regardless of nature of source information you bring to us which can be from hard bound books, fax, journals, catalogs, newspaper, magazines, print outs. XML allows preserving various styles of formats, layouts, indexes and links during modification.

XML needs to be integrated with HTML or any available programming language as it acts as an effective medium although it requires extensive treatment for verification and validation purposes under a set of standards; but nevertheless it has greater advantages than drawbacks. This markup language detects all key elements available in a document and establishes relationship between them. XML assists in tagging of data which is hugely beneficial when working with copious amounts of data, tags can be altered at any time for preference, while at the same time tags can be defined when required. XML can work on any platform dealing with a variety of formats to stand head to head concerning modern day competition. There is an intense need for companies to gain that extra edge by frequent update. Content needs to reach the general public without haste. To facilitate for this purpose data tagging is carried out in XML along with XML data parsing .Final auditing and validation for data authenticity and error check is carried out as well. Finally information is accessible to the general public easily and available in different layouts. XML is highly recommended abiding by standards set by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

Advantages of switching over to XML and partnering with us:-
  • Facilitates simplicity and interoperability of DTD (Document Type Definition) and XSD (XML Schema Definition) relating to XML conversion
  • Easier presentation of data by way of applying different layout/format
  • Tags and attributes can be altered or defined at any point of time
  • XML deals with a variety of formats and differentiated data sources
  • Latest in equipment and applications technology can offer us are utilized
  • Rich source of extremely skilled workforce
  • Ease of transferability by uploading of data
  • Cost savings of up to 40-60% savings for your organization
  • Final Audit and Quality checks carried out
  • Guaranteed accuracy of 99.995%
  • Optimal data security &security measures adopted
  • Timely Deliveries

We can provide support for any queries along with regular quality checks by our control personnel in order to pick out minute flaws in post production data while abiding by industry standards. Final output and periodic reports and updates can be reached to you through a number of media and data transfer options like e-mail, CD/DVD, Courier, Postal mail, FTP data upload directly to your servers or by media storage devices such as portable hard disks and pen drives.

Our primary focus is on providing inexpensive solutions (50-60% savings) and quick data conversion tactics to boost overall efficiency. We possess large infrastructure, ampli experienced personnel trained specifically for mastery in different fields pertaining to content analysis and conversion utilizing state-of-the-art tools of technology. We provide quality XML Conversion solutions with fast turn around and cost effectiveness.

Please contact us or send your Service requirements at info@dataentryindiabpo.com to avail service of unsurpassed quality at very lucrative prices.