Document Conversion Services

Our document conversion services offer conversion between numerous formats like MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, Power point, PDF, Corel WordPerfect, HTML, XHTML, XML, .CSV, MSG, PST, Word RTF, Framemaker, Interleaf, TIFF, DCX, TXT, PDF etc.


We are capable of providing support for multilingual, multi font data documents. We also provide support for double byte characters. This can be for scanning of any source of business data to be converted to any chosen format, for e.g.:- fax to an electronic format such as email. Data from hard bound books, magazines, manuals and electronic data are extracted and converted for purpose of preservation and transfer of knowledge to database for storage. We shall also assist you for conversion of spreadsheet entries into a comma delimited file format.

Our Document Conversion Services are:

Excel to HTML
Scanned Images to XHTML

Paper documents and books to HTML/ XML/XHTML/ PDF /MS Word-

Printed or handwritten paper documents & scanned images to MS Word or any other electronic format

Extensible Markup Language (XML) has been in existence for quite a long time though its extensive usability has been identified and exploited only in recent years. We have proved track record of successful projects for highly marked up organizations in the field of conversion of MS Word to XML, PDF to XML, Word (DOC) to XML, or even files of any format to XML, HTML, or PDF conversion including highly demanded HTML to XML. Our document data conversion has brought a number of clients assured benefits on a global basis.

At an inception stage, we shall ascertain your requirement, and based on your requirements a set format is specifically constructed to meet and deal with the task at hand. This set data is then relayed to you for approval inviting suggestions and alterations that need to be made. During production stage we extensively utilize our valuable resources such as modern technological tools and highly skilled manpower adopting innovative strategies for maximum data optimization. Once after post production stages, the completed data is sent to you for review and consent. Even though changes need to be made in rare cases, minor variations in end product will be resolved in short turnaround time while still focusing on quality and accuracy of no less than 99.995% to enhance potential of re usability of data. We shall reach to you completed output quickly by means of various data transfer modes like CD/DVD, electronic mail over the internet, FTP UPLOAD to your data servers or direct database update. In no case will data be lost or damaged as we possess the latest in advanced commercial antivirus and firewall programs along with high capacity data storage hardware while taking constant backup of data. Data can also be retrieved using our systematic search approach. We can guarantee 99.995% accuracy for data conversion services and 100% for data security.

Our digitized scanning services are limited not only to paper form of information, but also scanning for films, scanning for gaming benchmarking, preparing slides, scanning of images and data from books. Additionally document indexing and archival along with PDF search function-ability conversion are carried out. Data can be entered manually for processing of forms or by means of high speed scanning with a range of options such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR). Microfiche utilities are used for microfilm conversion and aperture card conversion. We offer content tagging services to heed to customized client requirements used widely in defense forces namely army, navy, marines, air force, aerospace, Digital publishing such as SPL, pharmaceuticals etc. Meta Tagging for proper identification, grouping and classification of different elements for your taxonomy purposes.

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