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HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is largely one of the primary most commonly used markup languages designed for web page construction. Its main advantage is focus on format. The web itself has become a market place by indicating a rising need for organizations to convey more information to the general population at an alarming rate to keep up with current market trends. With the web expanding by the second for almost 2 decades now, there seems to be an intense need for HTML conversion services. Data plays a crucial role for prosperity of any business concern and overcoming challenges. So team with us at Data Entry India BPO to effectively performance.

Discover a broad range of HTML conversion solutions offered to you from DataEntryIndiaBPO
Text/Paper documents to HTML
MS Excel to HTML
MS Word to HTML
Adobe PDF to HTML
Excel to HTML
MS PowerPoint to HTML
Quark to HTML
HTML into TeX (PostScript)

Also we offer oher range of HTML convesions like :

Conversion from microfiche/microfilms, printed documents and electronic files into HTML

Conversion of HTML from image formats (TIFF, JPEF, GIF, PNG, BMP, RTF)

We can assist you to attract larger business opportunities and capture a wider market territory, thereby establishing your presence across the world by publishing your marketing material in cyberspace. We can provide support and convert between any format for your HTML conversion tasks such as MS Excel, MS Word, Adobe Acrobat PDF files, MS PowerPoint, PNG, Text, XML, XHTML, SGML, Doc, ASCII, RTF, Quark, TIFF, JPEF, GIF, PNG, BMP, RTF etc.

HTML conversion in this day and age plays a crucial role for success of any organization. Most of the information availed for a product or service is attained largely from the internet, customers can check out all details they are inquisitive about from your company website. Therefore there is a need for conveying as much as detail possible so as to attract customers by means of precise content and attractive imagery to present all data in the best possible manner. Deliver your content effectively and enhance the accessibility of your information for potential customers on the internet. This is a key advantage to attain an extra edge in the face of escalating competition.

We can accomplish your HTML conversion from properly formatted or non structured data; may it be from paper based (printed) data or electronic format. This can be for presentation or publishing of catalogs, power point presentations etc along with other forms of information for marketing purposes. Sources of data can vary from books, magazines, printed paper documents, manuscripts, manuals, pamphlets/catalogs/brochures. We can add colors, headers and footers along with style sheets for different web pages. HTML tagging process emphasizes on preserving and modifying file structure, headings, footnotes, layout, bulleted lists, tables etc from a variety of formats at your discretion. We can even convert images including flash files for special effects. Images are converted between numerous formats using the latest in multi engine OCR techniques complying with current standards. Additionally hyperlinks, email addresses, bookmarks, URLs, PowerPoint slides and document meta-information (author, title, subject and keywords) can be incorporated during conversion stages.

In case of PDF files the source code is left untouched to allow post editing or for ease of check back reference. If the file contains images, we can even extract text from it employing high tech OCR methods while maintaining data quality. Manuals can also be formed from this data. When it comes to color management or color change of your website content or logo, we have the right resources to deal with your requirements.

Our services are most suitable for both large and small businesses such as publishing houses, educational industries, government agencies, large scale corporations and online service and information providers, mostly any organization looking for radically developing their document management system. If requested by the client we can provide on-site services too. Necessary measures are taken to prevent data loss and to enhance information irretrievability. We possess a high tech infrastructure and invested considerable for R&D of technological software and tools so as to augment the rhythm of your business undertakings at a rapid pace while simultaneously saving time and money. All of these beneficial services are available to you at very attractive prices.

Why to Outsource HTML Conversion Services to Data Entry India BPO?

  • Outsourcing HTML conversion tasks highly reduce overheads. Proven to be highly cost effective ensuring savings of up to 60% while upholding operational efficiency.
  • Time saving so that you can focus on core business development which can be put to use for revenue generating processes; thereby increasing profitability.
  • Conversion of HTML between numerous formats and mark up languages across a variety of platforms.
  • Customized solutions offered catering to specific needs of each individual client using the best breed of technology.
  • Vast experience serving to clients on a global basis with a strong, highly trained and skilled workforce exhibiting unmatched talent in different areas of expertise.
  • Continual update and QC checks to assure accuracy. reliability and enhance overall efficiency.
  • QC checks consist of random sample checking and proofing of individual assignments to maintain consistency.
  • Quick Turnaround time ensuring assigned tasks are completed well ahead of deadline while providing unmatched quality.
  • Better modes of data storage and data security by employing customized firewalls and antivirus software to safeguard your privacy and eliminate data loss.

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